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Nidwaldner Kantonalbank

Business Strategy + Unternehmenskultur + Purpose & Prinzipien

A different kind of bank: creating opportunities for each individual.



From universal bank to active life companion.

The introduction of new dynamic players from the fintech industry is not the only element leading to fierce competition. The regulatory requirements, and the negative interest rate environmentally contribute to a challenging environment.

What should an established and traditional bank stand now if it still wants to play a relevant role in people's lives in the future?

Hotz Brand Consultants supported Nidwaldner Kantonalbank in its search for a strong, inspiring idea that would create meaning internally, motivate the employees, and give new impetus and attractiveness externally. The answer: a positioning with high relevance for the local people and beyond.

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Embarking into the future with a strong, inspiring idea at the helm.

In several workshops together with the management, the market environment, the company’s as well as the customers’ needs were analysed. Based on the insights gained, it became clear where the bank's special features and strengths overlap with the needs of its clients: in creating opportunities for each individual.

Nidwaldner Kantonalbank has always provided relevant benefits for concrete needs in the lives of the people of Nidwalden. As a local bank with strong roots and close personal ties, it therefore takes on the role of ‘potential developer’ and ensures that its customers make the most of their opportunities. With the right solutions at the right time, for a lifetime.

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A familiar appearance at all points of contact. Personal and close.

The newly defined positioning forms the core for the orientation of all future business activities and must be made perceptible at all brand experience points. A fundamental mind shift took place throughout the entire company towards becoming a proactive potential developer in all phases of life.

HBC Grafik SZKB Purpose