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An interactive learning experience to fortify the ‘customer first’ cultural value.

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Successfully communicate and anchor strategically relevant content.

AXA employs around 4,300 people in Switzerland, as well as around 2,900 other employees in independent agencies. In order to convey important information to all these people, AXA often relies on online training embedded in the company's own learning platform.

Due to the regular implementation of online training, the challenge was to design the new training solution in a surprising and attractive way in order to motivate the employees to participate and to be able to convey information successfully.

In order to anchor the jointly sharpened and strategically relevant new brand positioning as well as the AXA value proposition in the company, new, interactive and effective ways of training staff needed to be achieved.

The objectives

  • Emotional communication of the cultural value ‘customer first’ and the associated behavioural ideals.

  • Localisation of what was learned in AXA's strategic foundation and in the (learned) cultural values.

  • Create a positive and entertaining experience that remains in the memory.

  • Encourage engagement with the content of the topic and confirm/change one's own way of working.

"The video is really well done. Bravo! Why don't you make some more in this style?”

- AXA Employee

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A purpose-built digital interface.

Based on the learning material to be imparted, scripts were written for interactive film sequences that bring the content and the relevance of the ‘customer first’ approach closer to the employees in a comprehensible and emotionally involving way.

These film sequences were embedded in a specially developed, intuitively understandable digital interface, which gives the user an incentive to achieve the best possible score through the targeted use of gamification elements. In the background, this interface communicates with AXA's learning system so that the score and the time invested in the training can be evaluated.

«Congratulations, by far the best and most entertaining web-based training I've had the pleasure of doing at AXA so far!»

- AXA Employee

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A training solution that resonates with employees on an emotional level.

With the help of Hotz Brand Consultants, AXA launched the training solution in three different languages within three months. Active engagement with the training film sequences promoted the significance of each individual’s daily work as well as an increased understanding of its relevance from a customer and company perspective.

Amongst those using the training, employees had positive feedback for AXA and HBC. The training had the highest click-through rate of all e-learnings in the company, with many employees offering unsolicited positive, enthusiastic feedback.

"Well done! It's fresh and has wit. It’s just right and you get the message. What I particularly like is that you are active as a viewer/receiver."

- AXA Employee