A brand-driven
impact consultancy

Valuable relationships between companies and their target groups, created in the heart of Zug, Switzerland.

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We understand the challenges. And we solve them.

We partner with leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs that aim to leverage the full potential of their company, product, or service through the power of the brand. Our multi-disciplinary team approaches business challenges in intelligent and imaginative ways, building valuable connections between a company and its target audiences. We support and guide our clients along the entire journey, from strategy definition and implementation to creative execution and impact measurement.

Against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, our 3,500²m offices house a collaborative workspace for strategists, managers, and creative minds to come together, featuring business innovation lab spaces, sound and motion studios, and a virtual reality lab.

Our infrastructure promotes dynamic collaboration between Brand and Business Strategy, Brand Experience Design, and Transformation and Metrics Teams, with the needs of our clients at the centre of everything we do.


We are driven by six principles.


Focus — Doing the right things right

We know that focusing on what’s important to make a difference makes all the difference. To achieve the desired impact we outline clear goals and move forwards swiftly and decisively, using our brand-driven mindset as a navigator.


Measurement — Evidence over estimates

We never guess, we want to know. Our recommendations aren’t based on anecdotal belief but backed by data. Measuring the impact of our work through KPIs and metrics lies at the core of what we do.


Development — Always evolving

Our clients don't let the grass grow under their feet, and neither do we. By embracing uncertainty and keeping our fingers on the pulse of time we stay one step ahead. Driving things forward is what drives us.


Commitment — Walk the talk

We advise companies as if they were our own. The transformation of our own company has taught us that every strategy is just as good as its execution. So we project our full commitment onto your vision to turn strategies into realities.


Collaboration — Teamwork makes the dream work

At Hotz, we bring together exceptional creative and strategic minds to unleash the full power of a brand. We work as one team with each other and our clients, enabling everyone to bring unique value to what we do.


Values — Feels good, too

Value is not only expressed by numbers. We know that a brand’s value is also determined by the impact it creates on people. That’s why we strive to deliver solutions that exceed expectations in various unique and memorable ways.


Some relationships we’ve built in the process.