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Brand Strategy + Brand Design + Brand-Driven CX + Storytelling & Engagement + Strategy Implementation

A digital transformation of the brand identity for future-oriented VP Bank Group.


Dynamically shaping the future, starting with a clear self-image.

Internationally established VP Bank Group, based in Liechtenstein, approached Hotz Brand Consultants to help positioning its brand in a globally connected, digital world. The aim was to instigate modern, digital transformation of the brand identity without losing its roots. VP Bank Group wanted to offer an experience that guided users to the information they sought, efficiently and intuitively.

Hotz Brand Consultants supported VP Bank Group in the renewal of its brand identity from a future-oriented positioning of the brand to the modernisation of the brand design and its group-wide implementation.

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A state-of-the-art digital user experience, Intuitive. Flexible. Efficient.

The strategists at HBC, together with the brand experts at VP Bank, honed their understanding of what VP Bank wants to, and can, stand for in the future in a radically changing environment. In close collaboration with group executive management, global management teams, and selected employees at various group locations, the success drivers of the VP Bank brand were systematically identified and integrated into the existing brand positioning.

The challenge was to guide users efficiently and intuitively to the information they were looking for, whether on their desktop or on the move on their mobile phone. Together with Gridonic, Calydo supported the digitalisation experts of VP Bank in transferring the brand identity to the digital touchpoints and the website. In a comprehensive UX process, the modules of the website were defined and detailed style guides developed.

Hotz Brand Consultants, together with the event and communication team of VP Bank, created a rousing brand experience party in Liechtenstein. The activities ranged from simultaneous chess to hologram messages and virtual reality tests. Scaled versions of the experience stations were made available digitally to employees at VP Bank's international locations so that the entire company could experience the joint launch into the future.


Storytelling and shared progress, inspired by a digitally advanced brand.

The new VP Bank digital presence impresses with its generous use of animated graphic elements. At the same time, the content pages can be built up modularly using a large number of different components, which allows for dynamic and very flexible content management. The specially protected area for intermediary clients on the VP Bank website functions in the same way. The content management system Drupal 8 was used for the implementation.

Starting with a specially created new brand film, approximately 450 employees came into contact with the contents of the new brand strategy in a playful way at various experience stations. This enabled VP Bank Group to include team members and partners in the experience of the new brand launch, fortifying their connection with the story of the company.

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