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A strong employer profile with authenticity and appeal.

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Creating meaningful connections through employer branding.

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland is the largest producer of non-alcoholic beverages in Switzerland with a unique product portfolio of leading beverage brands from the Coca-Cola Company, as well as regional brands. In competition with strong employer brands, the company aims to attract well over a hundred new employees every year and motivate over a thousand existing ones in the long term.

In order to mobilise employees as a success factor in the long term, the company wanted to realign its employer brand with the highest level of attractiveness to staff. In addition to the brand as it is, employer branding ensures the future viability of every company. This is what Hotz Brand Consultants was tasked with strengthening.

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Goal-oriented research. The questions and the mix of methods make the difference.

In a first step, Hotz Brand Consultants examined the company in all dimensions relevant to the fulfilment of the task. Which employees with which profiles are being sought, and what demands do they make of their employer? What features and benefits make the company particularly attractive to its current employees? Which values and cultural characteristics have to be taken into account?

To clarify these questions efficiently, a special mix of research methods was defined. Focus research, interviews with existing and former employees were conducted, and a mystery application and an input workshop with long-standing managers from all areas of the company, including the management, formed the basic building blocks.

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Defining a strong image that attracts the right people.

But what is the essence of it all? Who is Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland as an employer, if you want to describe the company in one sentence?

To answer this question, Hotz Brand Consultants drew up a concise positioning statement with a clear employer brand promise and developed initial ideas in terms of content and visuals on how this repositioning could be communicated externally and anchored internally. The basis for the fundamental realignment of all external and internal employer activities of the company was created along with a strong employer image.


Proven methodology. Our ‘truffle pig’ process.

The analysis methodology used in the project is offered exclusively by Hotz Brand Consultants. It is reliable and allows for a maximum of depth in terms of content with a very pragmatic approach in terms of time and effort. The important internal stakeholders are involved in the process right from the start and activated for the cause. This ensures acceptance of the final repositioning at an early stage and minimises the risk of time-consuming and costly implementation problems.

Coca-Cola’s employer branding was no different. With long-term managers, existing employees, and stakeholders involved from the word ‘go’, implementation of the repositioning and the employer brand promise were accepted and approved. Coca-Cola’s authenticity and desire to incorporate the feedback of internal teams were visible throughout the project, and the transition to new positioning was smooth and efficient.