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Why we are at home in Steinhausen

Where past meets future - and tradition meets innovation: We have a very special history with Steinhausen that continues to shape our power house today

We often get the question: where is Steinhausen located? And why isn't a company like yours in Zurich? Well, there are some really good reasons. But let's start from the beginning.

Our 3500m² company building is located in close proximity to Zurich, Zug and Lucerne. A few decades ago, it was home to the most successful printing company in Central Switzerland. Like the building itself, it belonged to Victor Hotz, our founding father. Over the years, his son Fabian Hotz transformed the printing company into an association for brand-oriented corporate development - the Brand Leadership Circle. Hotz Brand Consultants, at that time still "Hotz & Hotz", was the first company in this association, which today includes, in addition to us, the companies gateB and Calydo. The fact that we are at home in Steinhausen is therefore first of all historical.

Over the years, we have been able to build up an absolutely unique infrastructure here in Steinhausen. In addition to the modern and spacious premises, we have a Business Innovation Lab, sound and motion studios, a Virtual Reality Lab - and a cozy canteen where our Italian chef Pasquale from Capri conjures up dishes for us.

Our offices are open and friendly, supporting integrated collaboration between our brand + business strategy, brand experience design, and transformation + measurement teams. In the same building, we also have access to the skill sets of our sister companies gateB and Calydo, including copywriters, web designers, data scientists and software engineers. In other words, a real power house, with 150 employees working together creatively and customer-oriented in one place - and always just a walk away from the coffee machine.

Even though we are not located in the middle of the big city: Our employees get to the office by train or car very easily and, above all, with pleasure. Not only because of the modern and spacious premises, but above all because of the encounters with other people: in the cafeteria with spaghetti vongole, in the lab for creative work or in the break to go jogging in the green.

Our home is a place of multidisciplinary encounter. And a place of family tradition. Throughout the building, meeting rooms are named after long-time, deserving employees. Inspiring art hangs on the wall. And on the almost 100-year-old Heidelberg printing press on the lower floor, completely new, unique products are once again being created today for the Hieronymus company, which was also founded here.

In summary, we are here because the building was created by us and for us. It is difficult to describe what you feel when you climb the stairs in the entrance area for the first and the hundredth time. But anyone who has ever visited our office in person knows why we are at home in Steinhausen.

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