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The brand as a tool

What does a brand need to make its impact? For our customers, we turn every brand into a tool.

When you ask marketing and brand managers what a brand is, the answer usually starts in one of these three ways: "a brand is more than a logo." "a brand is an image in people's minds". Or, most vaguely, "We believe that a brand is ...". But brands are not only more than a logo, they are also more than mere imaginary images. And the brand, as we understand and use it, really has nothing whatsoever to do with "belief". For us at Hotz Brand Consultants, the brand is an economic variable. Properly developed and used, it becomes an effective tool for successful corporate management.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this understanding. Particularly in the executive suite of the world's most successful companies, it is noticeable that their CEOs, when presenting new achievements or great successes, usually do not speak of "our Company", but of "our Brand". They know the importance of a brand-oriented attitude and corresponding corporate management. Valuable relationships between companies and people are based on a common attitude - and the brand gives expression to this.

The "purpose" definition, which is much used today, also finds its origin in this fact. Defining a unique and compelling attitude, a meaning and purpose has been a core profession of our company for many years. As with brand, we observe that the proper understanding of purpose and its effective application is a major challenge for many companies. However, purpose and brand go hand in hand and the same premise applies to both.

Our experience shows: Strong brands and effective purposes are not created in consulting firms or agencies. They are the result of years of hard and successful work by a company. We know that. And that's why we make the brand not a question of “believing”, but a tool. We use it to give organically grown organizations a clear core and a credible direction. To define corridors in which it is easier for companies to build new services. And to decide what a company can part with as it moves forward without losing its identity.

We understand and use the brand as an effective tool to strategically (re)position the value of companies, solutions and products, to make it visible and tangible, to anchor it in the thinking and actions of employees and thus to generate demonstrably economically relevant preference formation.

So if you are wondering how your brand can really become more than a logo, more than an image and more than a matter of faith, get in touch with us and we'll put our heads together to use your brand as a tool together.