Wüest & Partner

Brand Strategy + Brand Design + Storytelling & Engagement

A holistic brand refresh for Switzerland’s leading property consultancy.


A new brand to welcome a new chapter.

Over the past 30 years, Wüest & Partner has developed into Switzerland's leading institution for property valuation and consultancy. The independent and owner-managed consultancy with over 180 employees provides decision-making bases for the driving forces in the construction and real estate market as well as in spatial and location development. No one knows the interrelationships of the Swiss real estate industry as well as Wüest Partner.

Full of entrepreneurial ambition, the now 17 partners are now opening the next chapter in the company's history. More consultation. New, innovative tools and digital systems. Regional expansion in Switzerland and internationally.

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«We want to lay the foundation for the next chapter in our company's history.»

- Marco Feusi, Chairman of the Executive Board of Wüest & Partner.

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Breaking new ground with a fresh self-image.

Hotz Brand Consultants supported Wüest & Partner in fabricating the new self-image and defining it in the form of a strategic brand positioning. In a multi-stage process, the market environment, brand, company, clients, and competitors were analysed and the results condensed in various workshops with the 17 partners. The success drivers behind the good reputation and strength of the Wüest Partner brand were identified in detail.

Together with the 17 partners, Hotz Brand Consultants developed a forward-looking self-image for the Wüest & Partner brand. The new image was created with clear messaging so that all partners could pull in the same direction, and so that all employees could tell the same story, believe in the same thing, and work towards the same goal.

In order to make the new orientation of the company impressively tangible, and to generate gravitation among clients and employees, the designers from Hotz Brand Consultants ensured the new brand identity does justice to the competence and substance of the company and allows the brand to have a home in the 21st century.

For more transparency at the performance level, the brand and offering structure was also revised. With an inspiring brand story and the claim of ‘breaking new ground’, the entrepreneurial spirit of optimism (which has been a permanent feature of the company since its foundation) was brought to the foreground in communicative terms. In the subsequent naming process, the company name was polished, too.

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A new design system: our WNA.

In the next step, the new self-image became visually tangible. The characteristic design element, the ‘WNA’, expresses continuous entrepreneurial acceleration in space through its progression and unique design language based on a course development curve and a DNA strand.

The distinctive colour scheme and targeted shading ensure maximum recognition and differentiation, regardless of whether the application is at an analogue or digital touchpoint.

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Bringing the brand to life. First internally, then externally.

Using games and workshops, the employees examined in detail Wüest & Partner's brand identity, competitors, target groups, success drivers, and range of services. Two months later, at the Immo-Monitoring event, the new Wüest Partner brand identity was impressively presented to the public.


Moving powerfully into the future, as one.

With its sharpened brand understanding and visual identity, Wüest & Partner is now ideally equipped to move powerfully into the future as one, unified team. The new brand design and messaging presents Wüest & Partner as a business prepared for the future, while retaining its valuable heritage. The undivided entrepreneurial story of the brand, from origin through to the present day, has been adopted by partners, employees, and the public.