Brand Strategy + Digital Transformation + Brand Design + Strategic Prototyping

Development of a start-up technology brand from Swisscom.

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Translation of an innovative business idea into a new, dynamic brand.

Since the successful collaboration on the launch of the Admeira brand in 2016, Hotz Brand Consultants has been able to support Swisscom again and again on important brand issues. This was also the case with the development of a new brand for the start-up company Beem, which allows people to get exciting content directly from the real world onto their smartphones.

The smartphone receives an audio or Bluetooth signal from an offline medium (for example, a poster or the TV) or object (for example, a shop window) and makes it clickable. If a user has activated Beem in a Beem-enabled app, he or she can immediately win, rate, buy, or simply get to know more about what is advertised there at the touch of a button, for example at bus stops, on the bus, in the cinema, in the stadium or in front of the TV. People already have the apps they need for this on their mobile phones and use them every day.

The goal was to develop a strategy and positioning for the new Beem brand. This included the definition of the brand design from the name and logo to the development of a design concept that works equally well for B2B and B2C customers, as well as the co-design of the brand experience at all touchpoints.

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An emotional brand identity that convinces technology-savvy partners and customers.

In close cooperation with Swisscom experts from San Francisco and Zurich, Hotz Brand Consultants developed all the strategic and visual foundations of the new Beem brand in just ten months, which was launched in spring 2019.

In the beginning, HBC clarified important strategic questions from a brand perspective in workshops and developed positioning scenarios as well as name and logo proposals. Based on the preferred brand scenario, the brand name and logo were further developed into a holistic design concept.

Hotz Brand Consultants accompanied the product development and worked out the overall content and visual brand development (brand design and narrative).

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A new, compelling start-up brand that builds poignant connections.

Efficient brand development across multiple teams resulted in rapid translation of the business idea into a new, dynamic brand, ready for spring 2019. The new digitally-oriented brand identity fulfilled an emotional connection with people in both B2B and B2C audiences that resonated and created meaningful, memorable experiences at each touchpoint.

Brand-oriented product development, supported by Hotz Brand Consultants, led to the creation of a strategic prototype that provided learnings and assets available for new developments along the brand narrative, and other communicative launch initiatives.