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A new brand for the media marketing joint venture of SRG, Swisscom, and Ringier.

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Using ‘digital change’ as an opportunity to create new perspectives.

In spring 2016, SRG, Swisscom, and Ringier pooled their marketing expertise in a joint venture (Admeira) with an ambitious goal: to use the ‘digital change’ as an opportunity and create new perspectives for Switzerland as an advertising and media centre. Hotz Brand Consultants was commissioned to develop the brand for the company from the ground up—from strategic positioning to the creation of the visual brand identity.

The objectives:

  • Define the strategic brand positioning with the goal of giving new perspectives to Switzerland as an advertising and media centre.

  • Create a strong brand identity that embodies the ambitious objective.

  • Create the visual brand identity, which can stand as co-branding together with other media brands, and for the Admeira brand alone.

  • Ideate and implement a brand experience for the roll-out of the new Admeira brand.

  • Provide consultation on brand management.

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A ‘no-lines’ approach leads to smooth, fast re-branding.

Together with the key persons of the joint venture, the brand positioning and identity were developed in moderated workshops. Then in just a few months, everything necessary for the launch was conceived and implemented, from the brand design and the re-branding of the office buildings to the website, the company presentation, the re-branding film, and the guidelines. For the employees, a special brand experience was designed for the launch and an onboarding programme was developed to successfully take the staff into the future.

Throughout the project, HBC took a ‘no-lines’ approach, blurring the lines between client and agency. For example, the client had a dedicated space at the HBC site, digital tools were used for intensive exchange, and the client always had the opportunity to discuss directly with the designer. This is the only way HBC could and can meet the high demands for speed and quality of results.

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The new brand launch propels Admeira towards success.

The efficient approach towards client communication and collaboration, as well as streamlined processes through HBC led to the new launch taking place in just seven months, well on time.

The three corporate cultures are now united behind a common ambition via the brand, all in equal representation. Admeira is now one of the largest marketing companies in Switzerland.

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