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From design office to brand consultancy: Our company history is at the same time a family history - and continues in big steps.

Fabian Hotz learned to walk among the printing presses of the most successful printing company in Central Switzerland. His father, Victor Hotz, had built it up with great entrepreneurial skill, always striving for more than the next print job. "The customer relationship, that's what I wanted," he once said in an interview. "Not to be dependent on agencies, but to advise customers myself, to design something of value for them and then to realize it."

Fabian shared this philosophy and decided to pursue the goal of becoming his father's biggest client with a design agency he founded himself, thus extending value creation to the phases before the print job. Hotz & Hotz quickly became successful, taking further steps into upstream phases of value creation. Consulting, communications, a digital agency, PR - the company spectrum grew and became the Brand Leadership Circle (link).

Courageously growing beyond the boundaries of one's own business unit, this trait is a central part of our DNA. And an attitude that is also shared by the entrepreneurs who today continue the family and company history with a great deal of heart and soul.

And so it is only logical that Hotz Brand Consultants has developed with great strides over the past 15 years. From a design office to a branding agency. From branding agency to brand consultancy. And from brand consulting to a company for effective corporate and brand management.

The special thing about our development: It always happened in practice. Always together with our clients. And always without losing what we did before. So today we still offer first-class design and have printing presses and other tools of the trade on the lower floors of our company building, with which we support our clients from conception to implementation.

Today, we work with decision-makers who want to use the power of the brand to define and achieve their company's strategic goals. And we advise and accompany them into the next chapter of their company's history as if they were our own companies. With courage, heart and soul, a family culture. And above all: with plenty of entrepreneurial spirit.