Wild & Küpfer

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A new era in management for a family business, reflected in the brand.


Support the handover of management to a new generation.

Wild & Küpfer is a leading specialist in plastic injection moulding solutions. From a single source, the family-owned company has been producing high-end precision items and assemblies for demanding industrial and MedTech market leaders in Europe and internationally for over 40 years.

A new era in the company's history was ushered in during 2019, with the handover of management to the new generation of the family business.

With the clear future goal in mind, "to be a partner for customers that inspires, with its products and at every customer contact point", we were able to support Wild & Küpfer in anchoring the company identity in the brand and its appearance, while at the same time developing it further so that the new era could be successfully started.

200817 WK Imagebrosch Mockup 2 1920px


Modernising brand identity through a characteristic, future-proof image.

Together with the (current and future) management, Hotz Brand Consultants defined the identity of the company and developed a characteristic and differentiating brand positioning.

This served as a starting point for the modernisation of the brand identity for all those involved. The visual appearance was completely refreshed: a digital-capable design system, a modernised logo, a concise typeface, and a fresh colour palette in harmony with precisely implemented design elements. The new visual elements are not only aesthetically convincing but also a reflection of the company's forward development in the new era of its own history.

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Foto Wild und Kuepfer Aussen2032 himmelzusatz und Flaggenretusche 1920px


Entering a new generation through the vessel of brand evolution.

The consistent and effective brand presence ensures the same enthusiasm at all customer contact points as the performance of the company itself. It also strengthens the external perception of Wild & Küpfer so that the business can start the new era with full thrust.

HBC was able to create a renewed brand identity on a par with the performance competence of Wild & Küpfer, a demonstrable achievement of some of the first externally visible results during the handover of staff. This supported the introduction of the new generation of management at Wild & Küpfer.

WK Passat Hinten v2 webcase
WK Van Seite V2 webcase
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