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Reaching the top with top performance: the brand as a driver

The starting point

The next generation launches into the future with a refreshed, sharpened brand

Glaroform AG develops and manufactures high-performance injection molds. They are specialists in their field and deliver real competitive advantages for their customer base.

To shape the future of the company, the second generation of the family-run company honed the focus on brand management, from strategy to design and storytelling. This was a must in order to align with Glaroform's overall performance competence. Driven by the new slogan “Stay Ahead,” the company saw the need to replace their outdated brand appearance.

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The solution

Achieving more together: combining expertise for a compelling brand image

Glaroform's ambition to "guarantee success for customers" served as the starting point for the brand positioning developed by Hotz, which should move employees and customers alike into the future.

Together with the Glaroform team, the first step was to create the strategic basis for a compelling brand image, both visually and in terms of content. The leadership of the SME team at Hotz spearheaded the implementation in cooperation with other external partners.

"The Hotz team made a cohesive whole out of many valuable individual parts. Their proven SME expertise benefited us time and again in the process and the project was implemented efficiently, " Robin Eberle (Head of Marketing) says.

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The impact

Creating differentiation in the market

By putting the modern brand identity on the same level with Glaroform’s commitment to performance competence, the company differentiates itself in the market, strengthening its external appearance. The new slogan "Stay Ahead" and the matching visual identity get to the heart of the company’s claim to create real competitive advantages for customers.

"I am proud of the result. Our ambition to be a guarantor of success for customers is more visible and better experienced with the forward-looking and refreshed brand identity,” Robin Eberle (Head of Marketing) says.

An interview with: Robin Eberle

"In the "war of talent," the brand now opens up new opportunities for us to present ourselves to potential employees. We can communicate our culture more effectively, inspire people with our ambitions and make the modern company that we are tangible through our branding."

Robin Eberle | Head of Marketing / Sales | Glaroform

Selina Zeder

How did you experience the renewal of your brand and what differences do you see today?

Robin Eberle

We were able to close the "brand gap." Today, we present ourselves in a way that aligns with the performance we deliver. The branding shows pride and self-confidence and yet does not come across as arrogant. We also showcase ourselves more fully than before, which gives all stakeholders better insights into our offering and our corporate culture.

Selina Zeder

How did employees, customers and partners react to the new brand identity? Is it already having an impact?

Robin Eberle

Particularly internally, the initial impact has already been felt. The employees are very proud of our new image. On the customer side, there are many compliments from regular customers. Of course, it will take a while before the impact on new customer acquisition is noticeable. On the one hand, I hope to gain a certain amount of trust, and on the other hand, I hope that potential customers will be fully informed about what we have to offer, so that in the best-case scenario, they will contact us.

Selina Zeder

Thinking about the brand as a driver for the future, what are your next plans for the brand?

Robin Eberle

In the "war of talent," the brand now opens up new opportunities for us to present ourselves to potential employees. We can communicate our culture more effectively, inspire people with our ambitions and make the modern company that we are tangible through our branding. I want to increasingly leverage this potential.

Selina Zeder

What does this step mean for you, to now show your ambition to the outside world with the rejuvenated brand?

Robin Eberle

Trust is a key factor in our customer relationships. Showing our performance and ambition to the outside world with confidence makes our offering more tangible for existing and potential customers. As a result, I expect a certain level of trust, especially on the part of potential customers and new engagement with existing customers. Ultimately, this should make it easier to build the customer relationship.

Selina Zeder

What was your experience like working in a team with your implementation partners and Hotz?

Robin Eberle

Fortunately, working in teams is part of everyday life for me. Nevertheless, there was a lot to coordinate and I was very grateful for Selina's professional support. We were able to work in a goal-oriented and efficient manner without having to go through any major learning curves. Thanks to this and the great commitment of everyone involved, the project was implemented in record time.

Selina Zeder

What does this rebranding step mean for you personally? And what will follow now?

Robin Eberle

As I take over the management of the company in near future, the new brand identity is an effective instrument for increasing my presence among the workforce and for giving the company and its corporate culture my own signature. The foundation stone has been laid. Now, more substantive issues concerning our daily work will follow in order to strengthen the credibility of our common ambition.

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