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A transformation from machine manufacturer to solution provider for aerosols.

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Strengthening the brand to battle for global market share.

Pamasol asked Hotz Brand Consultants “how can we use our strengths even more specifically to benefit us in the future, and make them noticeable to the outside world?”

Pamasol is a family-owned company steeped in tradition, and a global leader in the development of innovative solutions and technically advanced filling and closing machines for aerosols and spray systems. The business used this position of strength to prepare at an early stage to provide for the needs of the future.

Today, as a global industry leader, Pamasol stands for the highest quality and reliability among its customers. The dominant market position was achieved with a strong corporate culture, high development competence and consistent adherence to Switzerland as a production location. These strengths are known and appreciated by employees and existing customers but have not been communicated clearly enough to the outside world.

In order to be able to compete for new customers in the future and to position itself as an attractive employer in the increasingly tough battle for qualified specialists, the Pamasol management team decided to invest in the further development of the brand.

«50 years of innovation—if there is no solution to an aerosol challenge, we develop one.»

- Employee of Pamasol

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Repositioning the brand to become a solution provider.

In an analysis phase, Hotz Brand Consultants identified the facets most important for brand positioning and revealed weaknesses that needed to be rectified. Pamasol maintains a sustainable business policy and builds on long-term success. The company is characterised by people who search for optimal customer-specific solutions with passion and conviction—with pleasure in precision, quality, and technology. These qualities made the company an industry leader in the aspects of market share, quality, innovation and service.

Many of these facets were not reflected in the positioning at that time, neither visually nor in terms of content. The previously used claim "machines for aerosols and spraying systems" positioned Pamasol as a manufacturer and seller of standardised products. However, each machine is a customised product for which completely new technical solutions are developed if required. This was an important customer advantage that was hardly noticeable in terms of communication.

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Positioning as a solution provider. How can this approach be communicated?

Thanks to its unique competencies, Pamasol is able to offer its customers the best solution for their individual needs for every challenge related to aerosols. In the future, this approach will be more strongly emphasised within the entire communication and brought to the point with the new claim "Swiss Aerosol Solutions".

The comprehensive range of services will be concretised on the basis of the Solution Circle and convey the unique solution-based approach.

«We don't just sell new machines, we guarantee the sustainable profitability of the customer's investment.»

- Employee of Pamasol

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Bringing the brand to life. A brand design, at once striking and original

The repositioned brand is a reminiscence of the rotating heart of the highly efficient aerosol filling plants together with a new image that places the people more in the centre. As a result, a strong emotional effect is achieved. The new black logo elegantly conveys the Swiss precision of the premium supplier, with understatement and restraint.

The management of Pamasol attached great importance to familiarising Pamasol employees with the new brand content and communication tools. Experience shows that such early involvement is very important but unfortunately is often neglected by responsible managers in change processes. By means of an integration workshop, the employees of Pamasol were actively trained to become proud brand ambassadors and to actively communicate the repositioning and the unique competencies of Pamasol to the outside world.

For the rollout, Hotz Brand Consultants reworked all relevant brand contact points from scratch, from the website (in cooperation with Screen Concept Calydo) and the trade fair presence to the image brochure and a film that attractively and informatively presents Pamasol's core services.

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