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An inspiring new image: poised to deliver.

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An exhilarating brand vision to propel Roche pRED into the future.

After a long period of restructuring, Roche pRED, Roche's global "Pharma Research and Early Development" department, is repositioning itself for the future. The newly assembled leadership team brings great passion, a strong will, and many different, innovative ideas to pRED. A common, inspiring vision was needed to help Roche pRED take concrete and successful steps together towards the future.

Hotz Brand Consultants supported Roche pRED in determinating the uniqueness of its Research Unit, which consists of around 2,000 international top experts, and in summarising it in a "Leitmotiv" that unites the organisation behind it. This makes it possible for the most diverse experts to strive towards one common goal.

In a multi-stage process, the drivers of past and future success needed to be identified and the target image was formulated and defined in terms of content. In order to strengthen the sense of community among all Roche pRED employees, from the scientist to the HR manager, the new target image needed to be made visually tangible in an inspiring way.

«At Roche pRed, we transform science into lifesaving medicine.»

- John Reed, CEO Roche pRed.

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Development of an exciting brand story.

In close cooperation with the top management, the management team, and the communication team of Roche pRED, Hotz Brand Consultants developed the new target image in the form of a brand story in a multi-stage process. The foundation of the project was laid by around 15 interviews with experts from Roche pRED on the topics of market environment, brand, company, customers, and competition.

Based on the insights gained, the drivers of success were determined and, together with the brand story scenarios, sharpened and condensed in several co-creation workshops with Roche pRED. The resulting target image was then integrated into the existing Roche brand framework and prepared for implementation in internal and external communication.

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Creation of a new, common visual identity.

In order to strengthen the sense of commonality between the different departments within Roche pRED, a new visual identity was derived from the brand story. Clear basic shapes such as lines, circles, and curves together form a multi-faceted and diverse grid, reflecting the complexity of the research work, the state-of-the-art technologies and the rigorous approach of Roche pRED.

Equipped with a new mission statement and visual identity, it was now Roche pRED's task to involve all employees and let them experience and understand the new brand identity. Numerous measures were initiated with this goal in mind: for example, the mission statement and the new visual identity were presented at the annual meeting of the Roche pRED management team. An internal networking event for all Roche pRED employees was used to anchor the style and spirit of the new Roche pRED identity. Roll-ups and presentations were developed.


The spirit of optimism is palpable. Successful measures have been launched.

The combination of the different patterns in the new brand identity illustrates how the units of Roche pRED work together: as a strong and multi-faceted global team that is more than the sum of its parts. Applied to the different touchpoints, the living grid conveys a sense of dynamism and movement that is equally consistent, recognisable, and unique. Roche pRED is now ‘poised to deliver’!