Brand Strategy + Brand Design

A metamorphosis from parts supplier to global solutions provider.


Brand management supporting strategic alignment, on the way to a global brand.

Dätwyler. A name steeped in tradition in the Swiss industrial landscape that has stood for precision, reliability, and innovative spirit for almost 100 years. Hotz Brand Consultants has been supporting the company since 2010 in all brand issues on the way to strengthening its global competitiveness.

The Daetwyler Group is an established partner for industrial companies in many markets and regions. As a distributor of components and accessories in IT, electronics, and engineering and as a provider of customised sealing solutions for global market segments such as automotive, pharmaceutical, and civil engineering, Daetwyler occupies a leading market position. With over 50 operating companies, sales in more than 100 countries, and some 7,000 employees, Daetwyler is now a multinational company.

The group's strategy is to expand or build on its position as a leading industrial supplier in market niches with growth potential globally, and to position itself more strongly as a competent solutions provider for complex specific challenges. To achieve this, Daetwyler wanted to establish a strong, consistent, and internationally applicable brand that could credibly represent its position as a leading global supplier.

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Using the brand strategically in the right way, with unmistakable impact internally and externally.

The Hotz Brand Consultants journey started with a question: what are the new strategic goals and what impact will they have on brand management?

The brand strategy pursued until 2010 promoted the perception and self-image of the then four divisions as isolated individual companies. In cooperation with Hotz Brand Consultants, different brand strategy scenarios were examined in an initial phase.

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A brand design for global use. Powerful impact, simple application.

How can the identity-creating power of the brand be used to promote the growth of different entities together?

The development of a brand design for a B2B brand with global ambitions brings with it special requirements. More than usual, attention must be paid to practicability and conciseness as well as flexibility with regard to future requirements. Hotz Brand Consultants developed an independent, powerful brand design which, thanks to a user-friendly basic system, facilitates the work of internal and external implementers and at the same time ensures a consistent brand experience.


Setting up the Daetwyler brand for a trajectory course of growth.

By aligning the corporate brands of three of the four divisions with the name and umbrella brand "Daetwyler", an initial measure was taken to strengthen the common self-image. At the same time, a significant increase in global impact and external visibility was achieved.

At the level of the brand logos, the development of the new B2B brand design offers sufficient flexibility for the integration of new brands into the architecture. This acted as a central premise for companies on a growth course, with options for additions or adjustments in the brand portfolio.

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Using the brand thoughtfully in restructuring and acquisitions.

As part of the group's continued strategic restructuring, 2011 saw the merger of the Sealing Technologies and Pharma Packaging divisions and the acquisition of two competitors in China and Korea. Such changes required increased attention from a brand strategy perspective.

Hotz Brand Consultants is supporting Daetwyler as it moves into the global future at a time of strategic change. From developing scenarios for a long-term brand strategy to designing and implementing global measures for anchoring brand identity and values internally, to planning, organising and managing long-term brand communications as an external partner.