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Transformation programmes enable your organisation to reinvent itself for the digital future and alter its strategic trajectory. Transformation can take many forms however: business transformation, digital transformation, organic or inorganic growth, restructuring and turnaround, business and operating model, HR and change management initiatives, cost transformation — you name it.

Fluid corporate settings, internal and external pressures, audience expectations, disruptive technology, and globalisation create stormy seas for organisations to navigate. In the face of such seismic shifts, implementing crisis-driven initiatives is not enough to stay abreast of your competitors and satisfy your clients and customers.

We invoke the power of your brand as a catalyst for sustainable value creation and measure the success of our recommendations to guide you on the journey of change.

How do you evolve beyond reactive transformation to create a sustainable vision of growth?

By developing pre-emptive, unique capabilities for sustainable value creation, we channel the power of voluntary and involuntary transformation, emanating a brand reputation that is reliable and constant. Leveraging the unmoving power of the brand is key to implementing transformation programmes. Through this, we’re giving a company room to change fundamentally, while staying true to the heritage that makes them recognisable.

We are analytical problem solvers and hands-on solution implementers, deeply passionate about data and impact. The Transformation Team brings together strategic advisory and execution focus to produce corporate realities that facilitate effective transformation. The Metrics Team stands for evidence-based solutions, built from deep foundations in research and development

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Business Transformation Programmes are aimed at creating resilient organisations able to absorb stress, reinvent themselves for the future, and alter their strategic trajectory when circumstances change. Such transformations can take many forms however: organic and inorganic growth, restructuring and turnaround, business and operating model, HR and change management initiatives, cost transformation, and so on. Our transformation specialists support clients at every stage of their journey to ensure that they are able to act on emerging trends.

Digital transformation has been atop the strategic agenda for CEOs and senior leaders long before COVID-19. While the global pandemic has put companies and their customers on an accelerated digital trajectory, the seismic shift towards digital isn’t new. Companies have seen a big change in the way people interact with them, be them customers, partners, or employees—all enabled through digital. We support chief digital officers and other executives in determining what digital disruption means for their organisation and industry segments.

Strategy Implementation is the art of getting things done the right way. Business leaders have long known that strategy-making is a far cry from the real-world success of their products and services. To address this difficulty, we have dedicated an entire business unit to closing the gap and turning your plans into action.

Measurable impact with data is the name of the game. Many clients have an abundance of data available to them without using it to their advantage. Our goal is to enable clients to define their own key metrics, deliver positive impact from use cases based on data and analytics, measure the success of initiatives through management cockpits, and change the trajectory of their businesses.

  • Cost Transformation

  • Brand-Driven Transformation

  • Growth Transformation

  • Transformation Metrics Definition

  • Transformation Impact Measurement

  • Transformative Anchoring of Strategic Measures

  • Customer Journey and Touchpoint Transformation


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